Best Before Never Tour 2016

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It’s been five years, but I’m finally getting back to the American side of […]
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Cyclocosmia – Deadwood

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Cyclocosmia is a relatively new project that I have had the pleasure of working […]
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Attrition & Anni Hogan – Millions Of The Mouthless Dead

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Some of you will know of my long term association with the post-punk, darkwave […]
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My New Controversial Album

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Best Before Never was released for less than two months when I concocted the […]
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Pharmakon – Bestial Burden

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I came across a new (to me) “band” quite by accident the other week. […]
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Dead Animal Foundlings

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I have a strange hobby….. I collect dead animals. I donĀ“t actually take their […]
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The Formaldehyde Paintings

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Album artwork is important to me. I consider it part of the entire album […]
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What is Avant-Garde Music?

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Avant-garde is one of those terms that is so esoteric that it can become […]
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